Select, Initiate and Connect!

Create Your Group


Create a group or select conference participants
Initiate/Schedule Calls


Initiate a concall or schedule one for later
Connect Instantly


The server calls all participants at the same time

grptalk - built for your needs!

Cloud-Hosted App

Cloud-Hosted App

As a cloud-hosted app, grptalk does not need any conferencing equipment or other expensive hardware. This particular feature also allows easy scalability

No Pins – Dial Out

No PINs – Dial Out

grptalk reverses the traditional dial-ins, and the server dials attendees, meaning no more complex PINs, improved on-call security, and reduced joining time delays

No Internet Required

No Internet Required

Only the host needs to install the app to schedule a conference call. On initiating a call, the attendees need only answer the call to join the audio conference


The host can identify who is on call, and has the option to mute attendees, add attendees and even record calls for future reference, allowing the host to control the call

No Pins – Dial Out

Web Access

The grptalk Web application is an extension of your mobile app screen. The web-interface makes it easy to manage calls from a computer as well

Advanced Call Analytics

The host can get details about every minute consumed, who is active, and total conference billing costs for members for every second of the call

Large Conferences

Large Conferences

grptalk allows 3-1000 members on one call, which means that you don’t need to make multiple calls to multiple groups, and you can get everyone on one call

Works On Pstn

WORKS on Mobile and Landlines

Leveraging mobile and landline networks, grptalk offers crystal clear audio quality, and lowers the chances of call drops, echoes, and external disturbances

Large Conferences

Open Bridgeline

The host has the option to open a bridge line for members half-hour before the audio conference, allowing selective members to join the bridge much before the call begins

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