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Board Meetings

When enterprises have their key decision-makers in more than one location, it is often inconvenient to get them together for a meeting. In such cases, you can use grptalk to teleconference them on a single line without worrying about relaying the confidential information.

Manappuram Finance

Manappuram Finance is a non-banking financial company with a country-wide network of 4199 branches. grptalk offers MAFIL a platform to hold regular telemeetings between key decision-makers at least twice a day.

Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank plans its operations using grptalk to connect with all branch heads, regional managers, assistant managers and general managers on one single call. This led to a 20% faster resolution on defaulted loans, and a 30% reduction in NPAs.


Unotech Software uses dial-in conference call option of grptalk to connect to its teams twice a week. The solution provides the company a breakthrough platform as the host can instantly connect with a non-member to get prompt updates anytime.

It is often unmanageable to conduct repetitive meetings with multiple clients to convey the same information. You can instead get all your clients on the same call and broadcast the business details at the same time.


Upstox, an online discount brokerage company backed by Ratan Tata, uses grptalk to connect with its sales team and discuss client updates. The organization also plans business strategies with its managers on concalls.


Radiowalla, an audio and digital content company, uses grptalk to connect with its clients through scheduled concalls. It utilizes dial-in calling option to seek requirements from clients.

Organizations that plan and manage events have volunteers and/or employees working on-field across locations, and connecting to them could become complicated. You can simplify the communication process through grptalk and connect to them instantly using “quicktalk”.

Lion’s Club International

grptalk helps Lion’s Club International connect the heads of around 200 clubs in Telangana with the volunteers to streamline the event planning for its various welfare schemes. Each conference call that Lion’s Club makes mark a participant count of 60-300 members.

Kolkata Police

Kolkata Police uses grptalk to supervise in-city event management including sporting activities, religious festivals, and political rallies. It also uses the solution to discuss crisis management strategies, new government policies, and streamline criminal proceedings.

Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation uses grptalk to relay updates about upcoming events, and keep a track of event coordinators. grptalk has enabled faster sharing of information, which directly saved 50% of the time needed to plan and host events.

Hyderabad Runners

Hyderabad Runners, a community running organization, uses grptalk’s dial-out service to let organizers connect and mentor other satellite running communities, arrange runs across cities, and connect every with all the participants at once.

Now you don’t have to worry about getting a group of people, spread over various locations, to vote on a business-critical decision. All you need to is a conference call your group and get their aye or nay through grptalk’s “handraise” feature.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International conducted its first Virtual District Council Meeting using grptalk, during it conducted live surveys. The participants voted on the budget and passed various resolutions using the solution’s handraise feature during the audio conference.

Companies constantly invest time and money in training employees, which requires banding together a large audience in a single room. With reservation-based conference calling, you can schedule and host real-time training sessions with 100+ members easily.


BodhiSutra is an International on-mobile English school that uses grptalk to train its educator. The trainers take real-time English speaking courses to students through mobile conference calling. BodhiSutra also uses the call recording downloads to audio files of the training course.


Yet5.com is a training information portal catering to more than 1.2 million people with over 700 course categories across the country. It uses grptalk to connect with over 5,000 trainers across 49 cities to conduct mass training sessions.

LeAD Solutions

LeAD Solutions offers learning and training solutions to organizations and educational institutions. grptalk helps LeAD Solutions conduct bi-weekly meetings to train its educators across its centers.

Conduct an effective Q&A session is easy with grptalk. Just mute-dial your audience and allow selected participants to speak at your discretion, making your session effective and easy to conduct.


HariOm Communication is a leading distributor of telecom handsets and other electronic devices across Gujarat. The organization utilizes grptalk’s conduct Q&A sessions with all its departments regarding day-to-day operations.


Emami is one of the largest conglomerates based out of India with operations in over 60 countries. Its Area Sales Managers connect with the ground-level team on mute-dial mode to discuss daily operations. The employees utilize the “handraise” feature to pitch an idea and/or, raise doubts, which the Managers discuss.

Srinivasa Farms

Srinivasa Farms is one of the leading names in the Indian poultry industry. It conducts weekly board meetings to discuss operations, sales and budgeting. The organization utilizes handraise feature to run a Q&A session with the various department heads.

Scheduling meetings with Sales team can be difficult, considering the job’s requirement of being on the field at all working hours. With the grptalk audio conferencing solution, you can get your sales team on one call easily.

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities manages large volumes of wealth across 1281 branches and offices in 377 Indian cities. The firm utilizes grptalk's services to connect with its sales team. grptalk helped Kotak in enabling 25% faster decision making.


Upstox is an online discount brokerage company backed by Ratan Tata. The organization uses grptalk to connect with its sales team and discuss client updates, besides planning business strategies with managers.


Ospyn is a software vendor offering services to digitize their paper-based operations and processes. Using grptalk, the managing head conducts a conference call everyday with the sales team to brief them the daily agenda and also seek client updates.

Distinctive Technologies

Distinctive Technologies (DTPL), a telecommunication services company, uses grptalk to conduct sales meetings with the teams to discuss updates. With each call lasting any time from 30 - 60 minutes, the company banks on grptalk's ability to provide uninterrupted calls.


The Luman Group is an automotive manufacturer operating in six locations across India. It uses grptalk to conduct bi-weekly conferences with its sales team and distributors. The manufacturer leverages the solution's security to discuss price and procurement costs with its distributors.


JunoTele is a payment technology firm that uses grptalk to connect its leaders with sales team on a daily basis to discuss leads, targets and closures. It also utilizes scheduled call feature of grptalk for operational meetings twice a week.

Businesses are not run from a single point of location, rather they are spread across geographies. With reservation-free conference calling, you can make sure the operation is run smoothly by streamlining the communication between the teams.

Nalgonda District Collectorate

The Nalgonda District Collector’s Office uses grptalk to discuss government schemes, conduct land surveys, and hold convergence meetings. The Collector connects with the HOD's of different departments, and resolve Gram Panchayat issues.

Lloyds Tea House

Lloyds Tea House is a restaurant in Chennai inspired by English tea culture run by a group of entrepreneurs. grptalk helps the business heads of the restaurant to conduct weekly strategic meetings to discuss sale estimates, pricing and other concerns over a single call.


Lycos Internet uses grptalk to conduct three quarterly calls with all its departments to design operational patterns for each department. The conferencing solution helps Lycos have efficient calls, as it allows the host to add participants during the call to get timely updates.


APGVB is a government-run regional rural bank with spread Andhra Pradesh. The organization has enabled faster recovery of NPAs, loan recoveries, and EMI payments by using grptalk to connect regional managers and branch heads on bi-weekly calls.

Daily first-hour meetings are necessary for some teams, as they plan their day and share crucial information. With grptalk audio conferencing, you can plan efficient daily briefs at the touch of a button, and save time.


Joyalukkas is one of the largest jewelry chains in India. grptalk provides South Indian network with a secure conferencing option to share feedback on a daily basis. Joyalukkas owns 12 accounts and makes 10-20 calls every day with as many as 20 members on every call.

Skycirrus Technologies

Skycirrus is an IT services & consulting company that offers services like infrastructure solution and management to its global clients.

The firm uses grptalk to connect with its sales team spread across different locations in a state on a single call. The solution gives the organization a reliable platform to conduct daily briefs over conference calls.

Businesses with operational centers across geographies need to communicate with their branches centers regarding course material, syllabi and member enrolments. grptalk audio conferencing helps relay the information to all parties at once.

Karnataka e-Governance

The Karnataka e-Governance dept uses grptalk to conduct an elaborate Kharif 2018 Crop Survey. During this project, the senior officials connect directly with about 1,000 farmers to discuss the growth of crops and good agricultural practices.


Wizklub uses grptalk to offer young students a breakthrough research program to master Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). It utilizes the solution to conduct large-scale seminars, relay information across its 100 educational centers.

Learn By Fun

Learn By Fun Publications relies on grptalk conferences to broadcast updates and training courses to a large audience, besides discussing material procurement. It has observed a 50% reduction in communication times.

Telephone interviews have been an important part of the recruitment process. In addition to reducing travel costs, they help firms assess potential candidates. With grptalk conference calling, you can schedule telephonic conversations, save time and interview multiple people at one go.


Unnati is a recruitment services firm that uses grptalk to schedule interview calls between its clients and the selected interviewees. The recruiter runs concurrent calls from more than 13 sub-accounts. grptalk allows it to download call recordings to further assess the candidates.

Enterprises often need to make last minute decisions or business calls. In such cases, it becomes difficult to call for a meeting at the eleventh hour. With quicktalk, you can conference with a small or large group of people within seconds.


grptalk gives SRide, a large network of corporate carpoolers, a reliable platform to connect with its employees for unscheduled meetings even while they are traveling. At least 10 members get on a conference call for 2-3 hours every day.

Keen Digital

Keen Digital uses grptalk to connect project managers conduct 4-5 conferences per day with upto 6 participants on each call to discuss work in progress, software update, and project information.

Video Testimonials

I was really surprised that I could connect in seconds and talk to 60 people together at a time. There’s also a beautiful option called mute that allows you to control the message making it crisp and clear. We needed a simple user-friendly solution for productive daily meetings with a large number of people across distances. grptalk is definitely a very useful tool for us.

Mr. Ch. Praveen Kumar
Regional Sales Development Manager at Emami

We have a support team with different shifts and they were not able to meet at any particular place altogether. By using grptalk, the team was able to easily meet & communicate what happened during the week. It is a simple audio conference call app that helps us schedule multiple meetings at any given time

Mr. Hanumatha
SOC Lead at IVY Comptech

We have seven branches and needed a unified way of communicating, reflecting and planning for each day. grptalk allows all of us from seven branches to meet & feel like we are in front of each other so that we can reflect and plan. We are able to reflect on what happened throughout the day and to plan for the next day. I definitely recommend grptalk for your organization. “grptalk keeps you united even with diversified work.”

Mrs. AnupamaPotluri
Head & Dean at Bhashyam School

With about 68 different clubs, using bulk SMS, letters and individual calls was a nightmare. Thanks to grptalk, we are able to alert members about calls way in advance and even send out meeting agendas, which means we are able to directly begin conference calls on time. We are also able to talk to a large group of people on a single call without any disturbances or call drops.

Mr. Siddappa Noola
District Secretary at Lions Club

We were using free conference services with a lot of connectivity and quality issues. But with grptalk we can add as many people as we need on the conference call and the voice quality is very good! My favourite feature is auto-dial, which automatically connects participants and keeps trying in case they don’t pick up. grptalk is a great tool that makes team meetings easy and helps us manage people well. “If you are managing up to 50 people, grptalk is a great tool that will help you manage them properly”.

Mr. Rakesh Ghelot
AGM at Srinivasa Farms

While using various dial-in conferencing services, we experienced a lot of call disturbances and distortions. When we moved to grptalk, we realised we could enjoy large conference calls with great quality, we could easily mute-dial and we could record our meetings - which is the best feature!

Mr. VireshHiremath
Head, Commodities Research at Karvy Commodities