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Frequently Asked Questions
On conference calling with grptalk

Will I be able to receive a call from grptalk without being connected to the internet?

Yes, you will be able to receive a call even if you aren’t connected to the internet as grptalk works on PSTN (public switched telephone networks).

Is it necessary for the members of grptalk call to have the app installed?

No, the app doesn’t have to be installed by the members. However, the host, who initiates the call, needs to install grptalk on his/her device.

Can I call someone who isn’t on my phone’s contact list?

Yes, you can call someone who isn’t in your contact list. You can dial the number by using the phone or web app during the call.

What happens when I miss a grptalk call?

If you miss a grptalk call, the grptalk server will call you two more times to connect you to your call. If you miss all three calls, you can still dial the number you missed the call from, and join the conference, provided the call is still active.

Will I be able to use my grptalk account on multiple phones?

No, you won’t be able to use your grptalk account on multiple phones. If you activate your account on the second phone, your account will be deactivated on the first phone and the grptalk history will be transferred to the new phone.

What is “Dial-In Only”?

Enabling this feature, disables dial-out (grptalk server calling all the members) for all members. When dial-in only is active, all call members will receive a “conference alert SMS” (sent on scheduling the conference) and a “conference reminder SMS” (sent to members 30 minutes before the scheduled conference call), displaying the grptalk phone number and a PIN to join the conference.

What is “Allow Non-Members”?

This feature allows even non-group members to join the conference, by dialing the grptalk number and entering the assigned PIN. The PIN will be included in the “conference alert SMS” (sent on scheduling the conference) and a “conference reminder SMS” (sent to members 30 minutes before the scheduled conference call).

Can I enable both “Dial In Only” and “Allow Non-Members” features?

Yes you can! And, when you do so - All members and non-members of the conference group can join the conference by dialing the grptalk number and entering the dedicated PIN , shared in both the “conference alert SMS” and “conference reminder SMS”.

Why is a PIN required for Non-Members to join the conference? Can’t they join the conference without a PIN?

No, they can’t! We use PINs to authenticate non-members who join the conference, and to help us identify a member’s correct audio conference.

What is “Mute Dial”?

When you select this feature, all the members (Dial-In & Dial-out) will be connected to the conference in mute mode except the “Host”; and whenever needed, the host can unmute the whole conference or a specific member. This feature is helpful for the conferences with more than 10 members.

What is “Open bridge line” before 30 minutes”?

The dial-in only feature must be enabled for you to use this feature. The open bridge line before 30 minutes allows the host the option to open a bridge line (for selected members) 30-mins before the conference’s scheduled time. If you want a private chat with a few members, you can ask them to dial-in to the bridge line number before the conference begins.

How many people can I talk to using grptalk?

You can connect more than 15,000 participants on a single call.

How do I mute a member on the call?

You can mute a member by clicking on the ‘Mute’ option against the particular member’s name, displayed on the live grptalk panel. You can also mute all members at once using the ‘Mute All’ button, a button located just above the host’s name.

Can I add or remove members as a host while grptalk is in progress?

Yes, the host can add or remove members while the conference call is still active.

Can I record grptalk conversations?

Yes, you can record grptalk conversations and also download individual recordings in grptalk’s history tab.

Where can I access the history of my grptalk calls?

You can view the call history under the ‘History’ button of a particular group call. You can get details about members who attended the call, get call recordings and call charge details and have the option to get a detailed call report emailed to your address.

I scheduled a call for tomorrow and instead placed the call today. Does it affect my scheduled call?

No. Your scheduled grptalk for tomorrow will be initiated as planned, unless you cancel the schedule call.

What is the “Private Room” feature?

The "Private Room” feature, which is only available on the web interface, allows the host to have a private conversation with selected member(s) during the live audio conference.

Can we have multiple admins for one group call?

Yes! The host can select any call member as a joint admin for a group call.

What is the difference between an “Open bridge line” and “Private Room” features?

The “Private Room” feature is only available on the web interface, and it allows the host to have a private conversation with any member(s) during the audio conference. The “Open bridge line” feature, which is available on both the app and the web interface, allows the host the option to open the bridgeline 30 mins before a call, and selected members can join the bridgeline.

What is quicktalk?

“quicktalk” feature lets users speed-dial a group of people without having to create a group or schedule a call. Users just need to add numbers and trigger a group call. As of now, the mute-dial option is not available with the quicktalk feature. However, once users initiate the call, the app interface will display the mute/unmute and add participants options. Also, there is a separate “quicktalk history” in the app. Hosts can just save their frequently dialed quicktalks as a group for future use.

What is a Sub-Account?

A “Sub-Account” is a full-fledged grptalk account. It is created when the “Main Account” holder wants to give ownership to a separate department/employee. In this case, that dept/employee can run their own grptalk calls. The advantage with “Sub-Account” is that the the billing is centralized. Operationally there is no difference. Here are the two ways a sub-account can use grptalk credits: Pool : Common pool of credits will be there in Main Account. “Sub-Accounts” can make use of the common pool to make calls. Quota : The “Main Account” allocates specific grptalk credits and number of participants for the “Sub-Account”.

What is the role of a Call Manager?

Sometimes executives/department heads have other priority tasks at hand. “Call Managers' ' act as secretaries/assistants to carry out all operations on behalf of the “Main Account”. In such cases, grptalk helps them assign a call manager. The major advantage of having a “Call Manager” is that the “Call Manager” need not be part of the conference call, unless invited by the “Main Account Holder.
A Call Manager can:

  • Can host, manage (delete/schedule/reschedule) conferences for a specific group
  • Can add, mute, or Unmute conference call participants for that group
  • The “Group Admin” role is only limited to the assigned group. (S)he does not have access to any other group on the main account or any Main Account features like creating a “sub-account” and “assigning call managers” etc.
What is a Main Account?

“Main Account '' is the primary account holder who is billed for the grptalk service.
A Main Account :

  • Can create multiple “Sub-Accounts”
  • Is billed for all “Sub-Accounts”
  • Can assign "Group Admins"
  • Can assign "Call Managers"
What is an operator-assisted audio conference?

These are high level conference calls which are completely managed by the operator to deliver a message of high importance. The customer can conduct an event call for a small or large audience base, with controlled interaction with the chairperson. At the scheduled time, an operator will dial-out and greet all participants. Prior to the Event, the operational staff will take the chairperson through the conference call processes and review its features.

How am I being charged?

Our conferencing plan depends on three factors — number of participants on a single conference, number of calls per month, and time that you spend on each call. For example, if you have 5 participants on one call (including yourself), and you have 2 conference calls in a month for 10 minutes each, you will be charged for 100 minutes (5 x 2 x 10)

Will I get any free minutes?

Yes. Every grptalk user gets 15 minutes of conferencing (everyday) with 10 participants (including yourself) for the first 7 days after installing the app. Once, the 7-day trial is over, users can choose from one of our packages or recharge your account directly from the Google Play or App Store.

Why am I being charged for grptalk?

grptalk calls members on their mobile phones, and uses network operator lines. Therefore, regular carrier charges along with a minimum service cost will apply.

How do I check my balance?

You can see your account balance on the home screen — under the ‘Account’ tab in the Main Menu.

With how many members I can talk to using the daily bonus group minutes?

You can talk with up to 20 members using the bonus group minutes.

Can I split this bonus for multiple calls?

Yes, you can split these 15 minutes of bonus group minutes over multiple calls.