Start Conferencing In 5 Minutes

We make conference calling easy for you – once you’ve downloaded grptalk on your phone, you can connect to your group instantly. Forget all about bridge numbers & PINs, call moderators, waiting for participants, or listening to annoying hold music.


Take Control Of Your Calls

Joining delays make most of us rethink the value of concalls. We simultaneously call you and your participants to ensure calls begin on time. Easy on-call management options like Add, Mute, Unmute also help you control the call better.

Connect 1000+ People Easily

Say you’re an executive who wants to get on an audio conference with 1000+ employees. Adding every number to one group will probably take hours. With our web interface, you can upload a contact list from Excel and connect instantly. You can also assign a call manager to host calls on your behalf.


Choose How You Conference

Answer a grptalk call to connect to your group, or enable dial-in and call conference the traditional way. We also provide an open bridgeline option, which lets your participants join a call 30-minutes before the start time.


No Internet Required

Only the host needs to install the app to schedule a conference call. Participants only need to answer a call & join the audio conference

Web Access

The grptalk web interface is a desktop extension of your mobile app screen, powered with a host of advanced features

Advanced Call Analytics

The host can get details about minutes consumed, who is active & who isn’t active on the audio conference

Works on Mobile and Landlines

Piggybacking on mobile and landline networks, grptalk calls are crystal clear, with a low chance of call drops, echoes, and external disturbances


Private Room Discussion

Start a private conversation with selected member(s)

Upload Excel Web Lists

Upload web lists directly from an Excel sheet

Centralized Billing

Get a single-bill for including inbound & outbound calls

Download Call Recording

Download call recordings for future reference

Full Visibility & Control

Host can view, mute, add, and unmute members on calls

Account Manager

Can easily get admin access & set up calls on host’s behalf

Sub Account

Set up an additional account under host account for easy call management

Monitor Account Activity

Create and track sub-account activity in a few steps

Create your own conferencing plan