Dial-in the traditional way

If you’re looking for a dial-in audio conferencing solution, we’re happy to assign your participants a conference bridge and unique PIN. But, getting everyone on the call at the same time can be difficult. It’s why we offer dial-out too.

Dial-out when you need to

Just answer the phone from the grptalk number and join your call instantly. With the dial-out audio conferencing solution, set up a concall within one minute, and forget about your participants calling a bridge number or entering a PIN.

Audio Conferencing Services

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Event Conference Calls

Host media teleconferences, share business updates with partners and investors, and notify customers using our reservation-based audio conference. You can also monitor call participants easily using dedicated event conference call services.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing

With on-demand conferencing, setting up last minute meetings, or recurring conference calls is instant and easy. You don’t need to email or SMS participants to initiate calls - just select your contacts and connect with them in a minute.

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Essentially reserved for high priority calls — when your audio conferences require an assistant or moderator. We help you manage every aspect of your conference call, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted experience for all your participants.

International Conference Calls

Connecting to your team in another country can be a bit difficult. But, grptalk makes it easy for you. Now host an instant conference call with your teams or clients across the world, directly from your mobile or your computer.

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