Syndicate Bank

With a net worth of INR 12,067 crore, the Syndicate Bank is one of India’s oldest and most reputed nationalized banks. It predominantly services a rural population. The bank was earlier using 1-1 video conferences to relay updates, conduct sales meetings, etc, which led to delays in communication. grptalk provided them a platform to connect with all branch heads, regional managers, assistant managers and general managers on one call. This led to a 20% faster resolution on defaulted loans, and a 30% reduction in NPAs.



Bharatiya Janata Party has been part of the Indian political ecosystem since the 1980s. During the Karnataka State elections in 2018, BJP needed an effective communication system to mobilize supporters and raise voter turnout. They leveraged grptalk to connect with more than 200 volunteers spread over 10+ polling stations. grptalk played a significant role in streamlining communication across various locations, and helped BJP win majority in the Karnataka State elections. This communication framework will serve as a model for pre-election processes during other state elections and help bring their ground forces together.


Kotak Securities

The company conducts 5 lakh trades per day for nearly 14 lakh customer accounts, resulting in approximately INR 154 cr of Assets Under Management (AUM). Since the entire business is set on investor relations, Kotak Securities essentially looks to manage high volumes of wealth and deliver successful returns. grptalk fundamentally helped the organization manage client relations, execute niche product discussion with their clientele, organize team calls with the chief investment officers and sales heads, and boost the overall business development.


Brink's India Private Limited

The firm is one of the largest ATM replenishment and armored car transportation companies in the world. The company’s core revenue is dependent on the number of ATMs they refill and how fast they deposit the cash across various routes. The delivery personnel have to carry the operation within a specific time frame beyond which it will affect the entire replenishment service. Consequently, it will pose security concerns if the daily quota of ATM-refill isn’t fulfilled for the day. Since, cash management is a highly sensitive business, grptalk enables real-time communication with the delivery agents, vehicle management staff, branch heads and alerts relevant personnel.


Mannapuram Finance

Mannapuram Finance Ltd (MAFIL) is a non-banking financial company with more than 3200 branches across 25 states in India. The organization’s branch heads need to call all their regional heads twice or thrice in a day, which makes scheduling calls problematic. Using grptalk, and a few clicks of the mouse, the conference host can schedule multiple conferences over a day, with 50+ members on every call. These conferences have led to timely information sharing about gold inflow, outflow and sales targets, saving MAFIL over 20% in work hours.


Kolkata Police

The Kolkata Police Force is in charge of policing the metropolitan area of Kolkata. It is using grptalk to discuss crisis management strategies, new government policies, daily welfare check, and streamline criminal proceedings. It also supervises in-city event management including sporting activities, religious festivals, and political rallies. The Police dept leverages our application twice a month to speak to 60-65 people for approximately an hour — using more than 10,000 minutes on a monthly basis. With the Full Visibility & Control feature, the host could view, mute, add, and remove members on a live call. This is essential while sending real-time updates to various departments.


Heritage Dairy

Heritage Dairy is a renowned name in India's Dairy Market with a packaging capacity of 1.14 million liters per day, and 118,000+ retail outlets selling their products. They needed a mass conferencing tool that wasn’t internet-dependent, as many distributors were located in remote villages. As grptalk conference members don’t need internet connectivity to connect calls, information about milk delivery, production and other updates were communicated faster, resulting in a visible increase in efficiency of milk distribution across remote areas. Getting every distributor on one call also saved the head office over 40% in operational costs.


Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank

APGVB has 755 branches across 8 districts which focuses on the development of Rural Farm and Non-Farm Sectors. APGVB sent critical updates via email, SMS, phone calls and face to face meetings. This created delays in making key decisions. grptalk brought together all key decision makers on an efficient communication platform that saved them both time and money. Regional Manager’s bi-weekly calls with branches led to faster resolution of critical issues like NPAs, loan recoveries, and EMI payments. Over the months, APGVB has seen nearly 200% increase in loan recoveries.


Dr. Reddy’s Foundation

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works with children, youth (including persons with disabilities) women and households across 20 states in India. DRF needed a low-cost conferencing solution to communicate with area heads across the country, about new training programs, student registration, etc. grptalk not only helped DRF reduce communication times by almost 50%, but also eliminated the CAPEX on equipment, as it’s a mobile & web-based application.


Isha Foundation

The Isha Foundation is an international NGO, with over 2 million volunteers from more than 150 city-based centers worldwide. The NGO’s Indian office needed a audio conferencing tool to relay updates about upcoming events, and keep a track of event coordinators. With grptalk, every coordinator, and regional head could get on the same conference call, which led to faster sharing of information, which directly saved Isha Foundation nearly 50% of the time needed to plan and host events.


Nalgonda Collectorate

The District Collector is in-charge of revenue collection and administration of Nalgonda. Collector and the Joint Collector leverage grptalk to discuss government schemes like Bathukamma saree distribution, conduct land surveys, solve land cases, and also hold convergence meeting with district officers. The Collector also uses our platform to connect with the HOD's of different departments, review backward classes welfare with field officers, and resolve Gram Panchayat issues.