What Shane Watson is to Chennai Super Kings, grptalk is to Audio Conferencing

Shane Watson scored a blistering century to take his team past the winning margin as Chennai Super Kings clinched a third Indian Premier League (IPL) title. After the win, Captain MS Dhoni quipped, “Teams win games, but finals are won by individuals.” This statement holds true for our audio conferencing solution too. A single solution may break or make your day. Successful businesses hinge on effective communication — both internal and external. And, a team is better connected when a company has an effective communication framework.

Indian Premier League Operating Model


IPL is a mega event and involves the participation of numerous companies and thousands of volunteers. Managing a sporting event of this magnitude is no easy task. Everything needs to be perfect, and in place, not just for the players and sponsors, but for the millions of fans watching all over the globe. The governing body gives sponsorship, ticket, and stadium-related contracts to many event management firms. Some of the big names associated are International Management Group (IMG), DNA Entertainment, Bookmyshow, Sportoid, and more. A whole lot of planning, strategizing, management, and arrangement is required for an event as big as IPL. Some of the things that happen over the course of the event include:

  • Numerous event management teams looking after various departments. But, the bulk of it falls on a single person.
  • Coordination with sponsors, schedule press conferences, travel, and other process related activities.
  • Managing stadium operations, coordinating the entry & exit routes for spectators, working with vendors present in the stadium, issuing BCCI-authorized as well as general ID cards for volunteers, vendors, sponsors, guests, or any concerned people.
  • The additional assignment of executing sponsor-related events like handling logistics, meet or great players.

grptalk can hit it out of the park

In all of the scenarios above and many others that I haven’t listed, effective communication holds the key to smoothly managing the event. What this means is that the single person could probably use grptalk- our audio conferencing app as the principal operations liaison to all vendors associated with promotions or events at the facility. The three significant benefits of grptalk are:

Real-time communication

The simple audio conferencing app helps coordinators connect instantly with managers on the field who look after pre- and post-event shows and get real-time feedback on spectator management at various entry or exit points.

Scalable solution

grptalk enables verbal communication with more than 15,000 volunteers at the same time. It helps to communicate with media personnel/photographers at the ground, connect to volunteers who conduct all-star shows for fans, arrange team meetings urgently, and regroup members to take decisive actions, based on climatic and other conditions at a venue.

Flexibility holds the key

grptalk is capable of multitasking with its advanced features like dial-out calls, the ability to create private room discussions, operate on both mobile and web interfaces, record team meetings, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Use grptalk and be a champion like Shane Watson. Let’s face it; it’s the only way you, me, or anyone who’s not a cricket player will get to be a big-hitter.

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