Top 5 Benefits of Audio Conferencing the Easy Way

According to the folks at The Harvard Business Review, “if you’ve ever been in an organization where communication was not an issue, then you’re the exception rather than the rule”. Most business owners would tend to agree with this statement.

With the rising importance of optimizing current communication processes, audio conferencing becomes essential, and often forms the true backbone of a business, defining its success. But, identifying the right conferencing tool to use can also make a huge difference, and strategically place you ahead of your competition. 

Audio conferencing has many obvious benefits, but the advantages & disadvantages depend on the service provider. To help you make your selection easy, we’ve gone ahead and listed some incredible benefits of audio conferencing with grptalk, SMSCountry’s latest dial-out conferencing app:

grptalk audio conferencing benfits


Benefits of Audio Conferencing

1. Dial-Out Saves Time:

Time is basically money in today’s world, what you do with your time is crucial to what your business can achieve. Sharing bridge line numbers and personalized PINs for conference participants and hoping everyone joins on time can be tiring. But, grptalk solves the problem by reversing the process and dialing out to participants. So now all conferences start on time, and the host has more control over who joins calls. You can also choose to initiate a call instantly or schedule a conference in real-time, so that you get the best out of your weekly meetings.

2. It’s An App:

Expensive hardware is one of the main reasons most organizations feel conferencing is inefficient and cumbersome. However, grptalk is an app that you can install on your mobile device, and start conferencing instantly. Now, businesses can forget about equipment delivery or budgetary restrictions. All you have to do is visit the Play Store or App Store, download grptalk and start conferencing. 

3. Participants Don’t Need Internet:   

Unlike other conferencing solutions, grptalk participants don’t need to connect to the internet or download the app to receive calls. Hosts just need to select contacts, create groups and schedule or initiate calls. Call participants don’t require internet to join any conference, all you need is your phone and you are ready to go.   

4. Easy Call Management:

Most conferencing solutions have hosts second guessing who joined the call and who didn’t, which makes call management a corporate nightmare. Not anymore though. With grptalk’s user interface, hosts know who joined the call and at what time. What’s more, the app extends onto a web interface called “grptalk web” so you can manage every aspect of your call easily, even with 3-500+ members on one call.

5. Flexible Customized Plans :

Flexible conferencing plans let you choose to pay as you go, depending on the number of minutes consumed during conference calls. Alternatively, you can get a custom plan for your business.  In comparison to other conferencing solutions, grptalk provides cost-effective and smart pricing options to its users, meaning no contract signups or unexpected charges.

Using an efficient conferencing tool can help you tap your business’ full potential, boost customer reach and most importantly increase sales. Conferencing tools have significantly evolved over the years, and grptalk lets users communicate freely without going the extra mile, giving users the time to focus on the finer details. So, why wait? Use grptalk and simplify how you audio conference today.

Watch our video and to learn more about the grptalk experience.

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