Why More Millennials Seek Telecommuting Opportunities?


Millennials- they want to have it all. They know what they want and more often than not, they end up getting exactly what they want. As a result, organizations are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way they work. The focus is on flexibility.  So, millennials, who make up 34% of India’s population, are hungry for telecommuting opportunities. 

Who are millennials? Those born between 1981-1996, who grew up with access to the Internet, social networks, smartphones, and tablets are considered to be millennials. Studies show that by 2020, they are going to constitute half of the working population.  So, companies must sit up and take notice of their demands. 

Why do millennials favor working from home and why should companies pay heed? The answer lies in their upbringing. Let’s explore this a little more 

1) Millennials want better work-life balance 

In this day and age of modern technology, millennials know that they can have everything they want. Numerous studies have indicated that while assessing a job opportunity, millennials certainly value work-life balance the most. They want a high-paying job that recognizes their worth, that is efficient and allows them ample time to spend with their families, take vacations and pursue their other interests. 

Telecommuting opportunities can bring you closer to work-life balance if used in the right manner. By establishing work hours that suit them, and staying connected through their smartphones, millennials certainly have the power to prioritize life over work whenever necessary.  

2) Millennials are more practical 

We are in the midst of some of the most practical minds of our time. Millennials understand that telecommuting is a win for them. They know that they can work from anywhere, that they will have time to pursue other interests and they can save tons of money on fuel. However, they also are very aware of the advantages to their employers. They know that their organization too will reap the benefits of higher productivity and lower costs by embracing this practice. 

3) They are multi-taskers 

For many, multi-tasking might be among telecommuting challenges. However, millennials know how to multitask and they ace it. They know exactly when to do their laundry and when to sit for a conference call. In fact, studies show that younger millennials are more productive when multitasking. They can work with ambient noise or music in the background and switch between tasks without feeling agitated or overwhelmed. And they know that with the technology they can do both together. It is no surprise then that they prefer to work from home and are seeking telecommuting opportunities. 

4) Millennials are connected 

Millennials are always online. As an employer, you can rest assured that you will receive a reply to your text almost instantaneously. Answering emails on the go is no big task for them either. While one might argue that this would mean working around the clock, millennials find it more productive to work when there is work than to sit around in an office waiting for work during unproductive hours. 

5) They value productivity  

It is so untrue that millennials are not loyal workers. They are always looking out for a happy and positive workspace where flexibility is appreciated. What they seek is a workplace which doesn’t overload them with work but lets them work at their own pace as long as they produce the desired output. They don’t like being confined to a certain workplace and rigid work hours which can contribute to their unproductivity. They are loyal to the idea of working from anywhere and at any time. So, if an organization can give them just that, they will remain loyal. 

6) They dislike monotony

With a telecommuting opportunity, millennials can work from any corner of the world (most of the time). This set up means they can travel around the globe and still work. They prefer this change in location while working. It doesn’t feel like work when you can walk around the streets of Rome after you finish making some phone calls from a fancy cafe. 

7) They care about the environment 

Millennials are more exposed to the threats that the environment is facing due to rising population and pollution. They prefer to carpool, take public transport or even better to telecommute which will just bring down congestion on the streets or in public buses, trains or the metro.  

8) There are too many telecommuting-friendly apps 

In order to accommodate the demands of millennials, the B2B segment is flushed with applications that are specifically meant for remote work. Productivity tools like Slack, Asana, Dropbox and grptalk, which is a conference calling app incidentally, are of great help in keeping teams connected, assigning workflow, updating task lists, uploading and sharing of data. They greatly reduce dependence on emails and other attachments. 

Millennials are taking over the world today. They are talented and always welcome to learning. Successful companies understand that and are carving out different remote work and telecommuting opportunities for them. They know that it is the future!