7 Reasons Why grptalk is Perfect for Large Conference Calls

Organizing a large conference call (100+ participants) with people who are located in different regions is typically a difficult task. You’ll need a list of email addresses to send invites, you need to wait for people to join the call, and you don’t always know who is on the call. Sounds a little bit exhausting, doesn’t it?

The good news is that all these problems can be solved by switching to a smarter and more secure audio conferencing app called grptalk.

What makes grptalk ideal for large audio conferences?

grptalk is a mobile conference calling app that can connect 3-1000+ participants within a minute, with the current record standing at 15,208 people on one call. But, this isn’t why grptalk is the go-to app for large audio conferences. There are 7 other reasons, which we have listed below:

  1. Easy Web Access: Conference call hosts can visualize the entire conference call on a single screen, making it ideal for hosting calls with more than 100 participants.
  2. Upload Excel Web Lists: Adding thousands of numbers to a group can take a bit of time, but with phone sync and Web List options, you can add 1000+ members to your group in a few clicks. You can also choose to upload a list of contacts from a spreadsheet.
  3. Open Bridge Line Option: The open bridge line option lets participants dial-in to call 30 minutes before the start time. It is a great tool for discussing key matters with the host or conducting Q&A sessions to share knowledge or updates with colleagues, without eating into the actual meeting time.
  4. Mute-dial: Imagine a scenario where the head of the department wants to make a keynote speech and address all participants. Through mute-dial, the call admin can opt for one-way communication and let the participants speak only upon request.
  5. Private Room Discussions: Sometimes a CEO may be speaking to more than 50 people at once. With grptalk, she/he can start a private conversation with a selected member(s) of the team for a few minutes and get back to the conference after the discussion.
  6. Account Manager: Sometimes, corporate executives have other priority tasks at hand. In such cases, grptalk helps them assign a call manager with admin access. The call manager can set up calls on the host’s behalf.
  7. Sub-Account: With the additional sub-account feature, the host can distribute the grptalk credits among his departments. It also gives the host control over the minutes consumed.

How grptalk Manages Large Audio Conferences?

A renowned regional party in India regularly uses grptalk to manage large conferences. Party spokespersons typically host a conference call with 4000+ people to be able to anticipate debate questions and discuss possible responses with the cadre. This process has helped party spokespersons gain the upper hand while countering questions at public forums.

Whether it’s a political party, a restaurant chain, an event management firm, or a multinational organization — grptalk finds a way to enable effective communication across larger teams! So, what are you waiting for? Install grptalk on your mobile phone, and connect 1000+ people on one call.

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