Here’s Why Audio Conferencing Is Relevant In 2018

Audio Conferencing Is Still Relevant In 2018

Did you know that about 63% of business happens over audio conference calls? And, around 53% people prefer audio conferences over video calls. These numbers just serve to highlight that people are not ready to embrace video conferencing just yet. But, there are other reasons audio conference calls are still relevant in 2018. Below, we take a look at a few.

1) Ease-of-use:

Barring the irritating bridge numbers and PINs, audio conferencing is easy to set up. Mostly, you’ll need a smartphone, an internet connection, and you’re ready to conference from anywhere. Audio conferences come with fewer glitches, fewer call drops and are consistent.

2) Voice Clarity:

Audio conferences usually have better call quality than video, and this is more important than most people think. Echoes, background noise, and patchy audio are irritating enough to begin with. But did you know that poor audio quality on a conference call can increase stress levels, impair cognitive function, and even lead to brain fatigue.

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3) Cost Effective:

Improvements in technology with economical call rates have made audio conferences more cost effective than other mediums. As audio conferences can connect a large group of people, the average costs per person are super economical.

While the benefits of audio conferencing make it a worthy and extremely crucial communication tool, there is little choice when it comes to truly intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. Often, the process of calling a bridge line, entering a PIN, and asking everyone whether they joined the call, can make audio conferencing seem very tiring and more than a bit cumbersome.

But, here’s where grptalk saves the day. It’s a mobile conference calling app that lets you connect with a group of people (often 1000+ participants) from anywhere, and at any time. What’s more, you don’t need bridge numbers or PINs, or even the Internet to connect to calls.  

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Why Is grptalk The Future Of Audio Conferencing?

For starters, it is an innovative dial-out solution that enables ‘instant conferencing’ directly from your phone, much like making a regular phone call. But, that’s not all. There’s more…

Complete Member Visibility

See who joined, who didn’t add participants midway on the live call.

Dial-out Calls

The grptalk server calls everyone at the same time, eliminating delays.

Host Large Conferences

Easily manage 1000+ participants on a single call.

Only Hosts Need grptalk

Piggybacking on mobile networks, grptalk lets participants join calls without being connected to the Internet or downloading the app on their phone.

Advanced Call Analytics

The host can get details about minutes consumed and member status

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Audio conferences are here to stay. With so many benefits, they easily overtake any other form of conference communication. And, with grptalk, the host and the participants can enjoy a seamless call conferencing experience.

Tell us how your audio conferencing solutions work. How many people do you connect with on one call?

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