Seven weirdos you find on a conference call

We know that conference calls can be weird. In one such incident, Randy Thompson and his team heard a flush sound of an automatic toilet. This is probably the most embarrassing thing to happen on a conference call, or is it? In what world would anyone want to listen to the sound of a flush on a business call?

Audio Conference app
Audio Conference app

Conference call participants often wonder what is going on the call. That’s because conference calls feature background noises, such as paper shuffling, barking dogs, blaring jingles from somebody’s TV, and whatnot. And, not to forget the continuous text message notifications, and figuring out who started snoring into the telephone! There are a whole lot of people out there who do the weirdest things possible when on a conference call.

We bring to you, the seven kinds of absolute weirdos that you may meet on your conference call.

The Irresponsible Pet Owner

We get it; pets are adorable. There is no harm in having them around — they are the best stress-busters. However, let them not chase each other or disturb you during a conference call, as apart from being undoubtedly annoying, it’s also insulting on your part. Mute your end of the phone, or send your pet to another room.

The Guy Who Doesn’t Know He’s on Mute

There is that one person who’s always on mute. What they do is speak. The fun part is that no one can hear them, and they don’t realize it. Isn’t it an essential thing to check before you speak? Always check your phone settings before you start talking. Also, the best way to get the host to unmute you is by doing a “handraise” and letting them know that you wish to speak.

The Guy Who’s Never on Mute

While we have the silent types, we also have that one person who cannot stop talking. Usually, they have no idea that their line is open and they engage in conversation which may be off the topic at hand. In the end, they are either left with not knowing what is being discussed or annoying everyone else. Again, check your phone settings when you get on a conference call. By default, you should always mute your microphone, and only speak when spoken to.

The Chronic Latecomer

Latecomers can kill the initiative in almost any business setting. And, unfortunately, this aspect is in the spotlight on conference calls. Imagine you’re having a serious conversation, with impressive visuals and great stats, and there’s a latecomer who joins the call with a high-pitched ding and a rambling apology. This happens quite often and is as irritating the first time as it was the last time. You should always try to find out your exact call time, and get on the conference bridge 5 minutes before the start time. It can’t hurt to be early, can it?

The Typist

Typing during a conference call is a total put-off. No one understands how disturbing it can be until somebody else does it. What is all the more irritating is the keys beeping when you are trying to concentrate. While it could be someone who’s just taking notes, but mostly, it’s totally unrelated to the call. Check your phone settings, and put your microphone on mute, as no one wants to hear you type.

The Snacker

We have always wondered why participants have to eat during the call. It’s really annoying to have to listen to someone munch on a pack of chips while you’re trying to make a point. If you are hungry, at least have the courtesy to choose foods that are not loud. Or, just put your call on mute!

The Toilet Flusher

This person is the worst of the lot. Remember, don’t let others go through the agony of hearing a toilet flush! If there is a ban on conference call participants for weird behavior, the toilet flushers will top the list. Going to the washroom before the call is always advisable. If you are unable to do so, ensure that your call is on mute.

Any of these sound familiar? Comment on the post and let us know about your least favorite person that you want to meet on a conference call.

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