Say Bye-Bye to the Hassles of Event Conference Calls

A recent study titled, “A Research Now 2015”, stated that about 78% of the study’s respondents attend or host 1-5 conference calls every week. About 16% of people agreed that they join about 6-10 conference calls every week, highlighting how far audio conferencing has penetrated in business operations space. 93% of respondents shared that confidential information is shared during event conference calls.

Generally, during any conference call, participants do share confidential information as there is no third-party involvement. But, when it comes to event conference calls, the scenario is slightly different. Event conference calls usually connect anywhere from 250 – 500 people on a single call to share information.. Businesses invest in it because this makes information sharing easier and believe that it is more convenient to have a dedicated operator. Ironically, what makes event conference calls a failure is the involvement of an operator or service provider.

Event Conference Calls

In any event conference call, the operator has a vital role to play. It is the operator, who takes care of everything when the call is happening. They coordinate, monitor, conduct Q&A, greet, and support the participants. To put it in simple words, operators ensure that the event conference call happens smoothly without any distractions or disturbances. While event conference calls may seem to be a perfect way of conducting business, issues such as lack of confidentiality, no control over the call, and operator dependency only serve to make it more of a detriment, as opposed to an enabler to business.

Audio Conferencing Solutions

On an event conference call, confidentiality goes for a complete toss because the operator is on the call continuously. The call representative usually has to coordinate with the operator to pass on the messages, add or delete participants, etc., which means that they have no control over the call. It may seem like complete dependency on the operator is a blessing, but in reality, it is a big hurdle for any conference call, let alone one with a large number of participants, which is very confusing and often quite chaotic.

With every minute becoming crucial for businesses, they have no time for all these confusions. So, the best thing to do is to organise event conference calls without any hassles. And, selecting the right audio conferencing solution or service is critical.

How grptalk is making event conference calls obsolete

grptalk is one audio conferencing app that offers a range of useful features that are aimed at helping people connect to large groups, often in excess of 1000 participants.

And, it’s very easy to conduct a grptalk conference call. It works on dial-out which means participants just have to answer an incoming call to join the conference. Also, the host can easily manage every aspect of the call and know exactly which participant joined the call and at what time. The host can add and delete people, mute and unmute, and take care of everything related to conference calls.

Designed For Large Scale Conference Calling

Many of grptalk’s features were aimed at large scale conference calls. Some such interesting features include “Sub-Accounts” and “Call Managers”. The Sub-Account feature makes it convenient for the main or admin account to create individual team accounts for each department. However, the main account holder will be the one billed for usage. Main account holders can also assign a quota for Sub-Accounts to keep track of usage and productivity..

The Call Manager feature is similar to a “Make Admin” option available on Whatsapp where admin rights can be assigned to multiple members in the group to host their own calls. Call Managers typically act as secretaries or assistants to carry out all the operations on behalf of the Main Account.  

Recently, we have successfully pulled off the largest conference call in India, with 25,607 participants. At grptalk, we enable organizations to conduct large-scale conference calls without the need for a call admin or operator.

If you want to learn how grptalk can help you, or you’re already convinced that you need grptalk for your concalls, contact: Vasu on +91-703-220-6149 to get the best-fit conference calling plan today.