grptalk Offers Its Audio Conferencing Services For Free To Help Kerala

With Kerala reeling under the worst floods in its history, any help extended to support the relief and rehabilitation of people is appreciable. One of the challenges that arise during such situations is communication, which takes a beating due to lack of Internet connectivity and poor telecom network. grptalk is extending its audio conferencing services for free for next couple of days to ease communication difficulties.

With grptalk, you can connect with 3-1000 people on a single call and seek updates from multiple locations at the same time. Government authorities, NGOs, rescue teams and other support teams can opt for grptalk as their source of communication to help in Kerala floods. Though grptalk comes as a mobile app and web interface, neither you nor the participants would need the Internet to make the call, eliminating a big challenge that most conferencing options face.

Also, you can have unhindered connectivity since grptalk uses PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines to make the calls. You don’t need any hardware to conduct the conference. Just click on ‘Initiate the call’, and you are good to go.

After setting up the app, these 3 steps will get you started:
>Create a group
>Add members
>Make the call

grptalk is offering its services for free in this time of need and you can utilize any number of minutes to contact and connect to people across Kerala. Contact us at +91-40-38119919 to know how we can be of help.