Do You Really Need a Bridge Number to Conference Call?

No, you don’t need a bridge number to a conference call. While many people believe that dialing into a bridge number is the go-to method for getting on an audio conference, thankfully, there is something called dial-out conferencing, which alleviates all the problems of traditional dial-in call conferencing.


The Case Against Dial-In Conferencing

In 2012, the FBI hosted an audio conference call with Scotland Yard and other police agencies regarding the joint investigation of a hacker group. The astonishing thing was that the very same hackers had somehow hacked into the call, and were listening in on the entire conversation. But how did the eavesdroppers gain access to the call? Three words: Dial-In Conferencing. The New York TImes confirmed that the hackers got into one of the participant’s email, and were able to access the dial-in number and PIN.

Training everyone to host and attend conference calls is a futile exercise, as most professionals or C-level executives have neither the time nor the interest.

Moreover, research indicates that getting every participant to join a call leads to a delay of 9 minutes in starting every call. Imagine the time wasted.

How to secure your conference calls?

The best way to address conference call security is to move users to “Dial-out” conference calling. Apart from helping calls start on time, this method also calls a predetermined group of people, making it a more secure process.

Why grptalk?

While there are many dial-out call conferencing providers, grptalk is a brilliant option, as it is an easy-to-use dial-out conference calling app.

Here’s how you get started:

The first step is to download the grptalk app on your Android or iPhone. Once you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is follow three simple steps:

  • Name Your Group: Create and name your conference group
  • Add Members: Select conference participants from your contacts, which will be synced with your grptalk account.
  • Start instantly or Schedule a Call: Click on the call button and connect to your group. Participants, including the host, just need to answer an incoming call to join.

The benefit of using grptalk is you can forget all about bridge numbers and dial-in PINs. The web interface of the product also gives the host complete member visibility, so you know exactly who’s on call, and who isn’t. Moreover, grptalk calls use your regular telecom operator to connect participants which ensures crystal clear audio quality with zero call drops.

Coming back to our question — To call a bridge or not? The short and long of it is NO. Switch to grptalk now and secure your conferences.

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