Be an Avenger – Choose the right Conference Call Provider

The massive, multi-film team-up Avengers: Infinity War is here. The film deftly incorporates dozens of characters across various storylines. Several superheroes have been roped in to counter the unprecedented threat on multiple fonts — bringing the central conflict to Black Panther’s Wakanda.

Now, imagine a scenario where Tony Stark has to alert your friendly neighborhood Spider Man about Thanos’ Henchmen, or even better, call every Marvel comic hero to the war. All this requires a potent conference call framework. The network has to connect everyone at lightning fast speed, eradicating any margin for error at ground zero. So, how does he choose the ideal conference call service?


Here are certain essential features to keep in mind while choosing the right audio conferencing solution:

Ease of Use

Ease of Use Conference Calling

Every Superhero in the movie has special powers. But (s)he might not be comfortable using the call conferencing technology you bring onboard. A simple, effective, easy-to-use interface will go a long way towards boosting call participation. It should easily connect all your superheroes through their smartphones and mobile devices. Because heroes are always on the move, right?

Call Quality

Quality Audio Conferencing

You simply can’t rely on a solution which experiences frequent call drops. The poor connection will hinder quality communication and restrict our superheroes from connecting with each other during the epic war. The best option is to subscribe for a free trial from the vendor and experience the conference call service before getting the paid versions, although we aren’t sure whether Thanos will give you the time to opt for a trial, free or otherwise.

On-call Security

On-Audio Call Security

If the alien invasion isn’t enough, we do not want cyberattacks to access sensitive information and siphon it off to Thanos and his cronies. It is advisable to have a system that offers complete call visibility and is immune to external disturbances. Suffice to say, it should keep superhero data “safe”, even if being safe isn’t part of their job description.

Call Reach & Flexibility

Call Reach And Flexibility

App-based audio conferencing capabilities often require a strong internet which depends on user locations and signal strength. What your superheroes need is a service which uses mobile networks and regular phone lines, reduces the chances of call drops and enhances the reach effectively. And, judging by their aggressive recruitment policy, we can be certain the Avengers will need a solution that can be scaled up easily.

grptalk – The Superhero Provider for an enhanced conference calling experience!

Conference Calling Super Heros

grptalk is an audio conferencing solution which is applicable to every situation today. It is a cloud-hosted app which eradicates the use of external hardware. grptalk leverages the dial-out feature that improves on-call security. With grptalk, the possibilities are endless. It offers simple call recording, private room discussion facilities, as well as full visibility and control over conference calls. Switch to this

Whether you’re an Avenger who’s fighting Thanos, or a business that’s trying to get to the next level, choose grptalk – the superhero conference call app that has helped the Avengers save the earth (spoiler alert).

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