How Audio Conferencing can Help your Business Communicate Better

Businesses today are selling shoes on Instagram and furniture on WhatsApp messenger. Real-time communication that helps immediately address customers has made businesses all the more focused on efficiency. And efficiency always begins within the workplace. Tight communication within teams can have magical results outside the organization. 

We all know about the standard chats, video conferences, and the boring bridge dial-ins that are so convenient while discussing pressing company matters. But, let’s zoom out for a bit and focus on how important a role audio conferencing plays here. It lets people talk about KPIs, competitors, irate customers, and joke about bosses. It is at the core of business communication. 

Workplace structures are swiftly changing- employees work from home more often and sometimes they are in remote areas with poor Internet connectivity. But decisions need to be taken, and lightning-fast communication has to happen regardless. Group conferences are taking place more than ever. In such a scenario, a business audio conferencing app quickly becomes the need of the hour! 

grptalk- a mobile conference call app 

At Telebu, we are always looking for ways to make business communication easier. That’s why we built grptalk, an intuitive and powerful audio conferencing solution that has thus far helped thousands of businesses communicate better. grptalk comes with a host of other features- “mute dialing”, “call scheduling”, “allow non-members” – all designed to make audio conferencing more productive and to offer more control to the host or the admin.   

How can grptalk help your business communicate better? 

The short of it – by providing a seamless audio conferencing experience! 

The goal of any conference call is communication. And grptalk makes this seamless by getting rid of delays, dropped calls, giving complete control and visibility to the host. Moreover, it is extremely fast, with the host being able to connect with 1000+ people within 30 seconds. To further enhance customer experience, grptalk also has a web version called “grptalk Web”, with additional features to manage especially large group conference calls. Imagine being on a call with 50 participants and the chaos that can create. Thankfully, grptalk has your back, every time!

Our clients have used grptalk to schedule multiple interviews simultaneously, conduct live training and even take surveys. With grptalk’s “call recording” feature, businesses can also choose to share this content with employees (both existing and prospective), clients, and customers. The opportunities are endless! We can make communication easier and more effective. 

grptalk offers great audio quality and top-notch connectivity because our calls are made using PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). And this has been of great help to Srinivasa Farms. The company makes regular conference calls to connect all its regional heads on a single call using grptalk’s “call scheduling” and “dial out”. The audio quality, they have found, is as good as having a face-to-face conversation! 

Communication is best done with no noise. This is exactly what Varun Motors, a Maruti Suzuki dealership was able to achieve by using grptalk’s “mute dial” feature. The host makes calls and takes decisions on who needs to speak. Participants are able to contribute and add value to the call by pressing “0” on their keypads, and using the “raise hand to speak” feature. What this means is that hassle-free conference calls right at their fingertips! 

All of grptalk’s features have helped Karvy Commodities hold large audio conferences with complete control. The “call recording” feature helps them keep a track of conference details and share them with their employees when necessary. 

If you want to learn how grptalk can help you or your business, contact Vasu on +91-703-220-6149.