Frequently Asked Questions about audio conference app

Are you a business with a pan-Indian presence and team that is scattered across several cities? If yes, you can save a great amount of time and money by investing in a powerful audio conferencing solution. It is an effective medium of communication among teams from anywhere and at any time. We have put together a list of some commonly asked questions about audio conferencing. Read through them to understand how it can benefit your business.

How can I audio conference through my phone? 

Typically, you can make a basic conference call with five to six people using a regular phone call. To make this conference call, 

  • click on the ‘Call’ icon on your phone, 
  • call one participant and once this call has been connected, add the other participants. 

This can be a long process, considering you can add participants one at a time. 

Or, you could use grptalk for the same. Install the app, register with your phone number and you’re all set to create your group, add participants and start making calls. 

On the app, you can 

  • either make an instant call where you click on the ‘Instant Call’ option, select your participants from your contacts which are synced from your phone and just click on ‘Call.’ 
  • Or, you can ‘Schedule A Call’. To do that, click on the ‘+’ symbol on the ‘Home’ screen of your app, and simply follow the steps that you’re being prompted to. 

What is the maximum number of participants for an audio conference? 

On a regular phone conference, this number is usually five (iOS) or six (Android). However, for various conference apps, this number ranges from 5- 250. 

On grptalk, you can have as many as 10,000+ participants on a single conference call

Can I use an audio conferencing app when there is no access to the Internet?  

In most cases, you need access to the Internet and the other participants to use the same app as you in order to have a successful audio conference. However, in the event of some of your participants being scattered across remote, poor Internet areas, you can use grptalk. 

grptalk uses PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to make conference calls. You can call anyone who has a phone with a number (either mobile or landline). Just imagine how much more leverage you can have with a feature like that! 

How can I mute people on an audio conference? 

Typically, each participant can mute himself/herself from their own screen. The host won’t be able to do it for others. If you, as the host, want more control over who’s talking and who’s listening, you can use grptalk’s ‘mute-dial’ feature where you can call participants on mute. They will be muted and you can unmute them when you like. 

How can I see who joined my audio conference? 

Most apps show the name of the person who is on the conference call on the ‘Call’ screen. Some apps also show you whether they’re on mute and if it’s a video conference, whether their camera is turned on/off. 

How can I avoid participants dialing in late to audio conferences? 

This is the biggest hassle of dial-in conferencing. Most conference calls don’t start on time and participants join late sometimes and use the excuse of losing the PIN or bridge number. 

grptalk solves this problem by using dial-out for conferencing. This means that once you schedule your conference call, you won’t have to worry about dialing-in. When it’s time for the conference, you will receive a call from the grptalk server and so will the other participants. Answer the call and join the conference. It’s that simple. 

How do I schedule a conference call? 

It’s quite simple to schedule a conference call. Most apps offer this feature. On the app home screen, choose ‘Schedule’ and add your desired time and date. Choose the participants you’d like to invite to your conference. Once you’re done, an invite will be sent to all the participants which they must either accept or reject. 

On grptalk, when you schedule a call, an SMS is sent to the participants with the time, place and agenda of the call. There is no need for them to accept/reject. On the dedicated time and date, the grptalk server will call them to join the conference. 

Can I record my conference call? 

Yes, most apps do offer a ‘Record’ option which is available right after your conference call is active. With grptalk, you can access your call recordings on the Web version and also export them if you’d like.