How to ensure your Conference Calls are Secure

Audio conferencing is still as relevant today as it was in the past. However, with an estimated 70% of surveyed participants admitting that they share sensitive or confidential information over a conference call, the need for safer audio conferencing has never been higher.

Higher stakes mean the need for a better way to audio conference. And, grptalk has built India’s finest audio conferencing app with a special emphasis on privacy and security. But before we look at how grptalk manages to conduct extremely secure large scale conference calls, let’s examine another pressing question.

grptalk for secure conference calls

Why is traditional audio conferencing flawed?

Traditional audio conferencing solutions are known to use dial-in. Dial-in is a mode of conferencing where the host shares a bride number/PIN with all participants. Every participant must dial a number at the scheduled time and enter the PIN to be a part of the call.

As you can imagine this can create a significant security breach if someone not meant to be on the call joins it using a PIN or bridge number. To make matters worse, traditional audio conferencing solutions do not give the host any control over who is a part of the call and who isn’t. The only way the host can be certain of the members on call is through verbal confirmation of every participant.


How to ensure safer conference calls?

Dial-out. It’s that simple.

A dial-out audio conferencing solution like grptalk works by calling all the participants simultaneously. This has several benefits; for starters, the host has complete control over who is going to be on the call, as only selected numbers will be dialed out at the scheduled time.

Secondly, a dial-out mode of conferencing eliminates the issue of joining delays, as participants do not have to remember to dial-in at the scheduled time nor do they have to deal with PINs and bridge numbers. Anybody who has experienced dialing into a conference call can relate to the sheer struggle of being on time, entering PINs and eventually waiting for what seems like forever until every other participant is finally on the call.


How to find out how many participants are on a conference call?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions received by us at grptalk or asked on several public forums and platforms such as Quora etc.

There are a couple of aspects to this answer.

–    If you are the participant, there is unfortunately not much you can do about checking how many members are on the conference call.

–    If you are the host, finding out the number of people on the conference call will depend entirely on the conference calling solution you are using.

The grptalk mobile app and web version gives the host complete control to monitor all aspects of the call including the number of participants, who joined, who got disconnected from the call and much more. With grptalk, the host can also mute and unmute participants at any time, or start a separate conversation with a specific participant(s) in something called a ‘Private Room.’

At grptalk, we are continually creating new features that make audio conferencing simple while ensuring enterprise communication security. What are your opinions about safe conferencing options? Do you think organizations need to relook at how they communicate, from a security standpoint?

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