5 New Ways Companies Use Audio Conferences

Affordable Internet prices have given enterprises the option to use advanced technologies like web and video conferencing for their communication needs. While these technologies allow users to share files and collaborate easily, a 2017 study observed that 71% of all enterprise conference calls remain audio-only, with only 29% calls being classified as web or video conferences. Suffice to say that there’s more to audio conferencing than meets the eye.

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It may be easy to think that the preference for audio-only is primarily down to reasons like affordability, a user’s familiarity with the process, etc. However, there is another more compelling reason for this audio-only preference – intuitive new features, which allow enterprises to do more than simply discuss operations, sales, or marketing strategies.

This is where grptalk comes in. It’s an audio conferencing solution users make dial-in/dial-out calls with a group of people from anywhere, and at any time. The app offers intuitive features, including Mute dial, ‘Handraise’, ‘Add Non-members’ etc, which have helped enterprises find new uses for audio conferences.

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Below, we look at some of the brilliant ways enterprises use grptalk today:

  1. Real-Time Training

Employee training is crucial to any company, and it requires an investment of time and money – including booking a conference hall or arranging employee travel. But, some companies use audio conference services to conduct real-time training, as they not only save them money but also befit their time constraints.

BodhiSutra is an International on-mobile English school that uses grptalk to train its educator. The trainers take real-time English speaking courses to students through mobile conference calling. BodhiSutra also uses the call recording downloads to audio files of the training course.

  1. Event Planning

Organizations that plan and manage events generally have volunteers and/or employees working on on-field across locations. In such cases, connecting to them on a single line to communicate crucial updates could be a complicated process.

grptalk helps Lion’s Club International connect the heads of around 200 clubs in Telangana with the volunteers to streamline the event planning for its various welfare schemes. Each conference call that Lion’s Club makes mark a participant count of 60-300 members.

  1. Live Surveys

Business-critical decisions like making crucial appointments, passing resolutions, and voting on a budget need a large group of decision-makers coming to a single place. Audio conferencing gives enterprises a cost-effective solution to organize such a congregation. In addition, companies can avoid delays that can happen with conflicting schedules of key participants.

Toastmasters International conducted its first Virtual District Council Meeting using grptalk, during it conducted live surveys. The participants voted on the budget and passed various resolutions using the solution’s “handraise” feature during the audio conference.

  1. Recruiting

Recruitment process involves finding the right candidate that companies do via various interview rounds. Now, companies are saving time by utilizing the simplified audio conferencing method to accommodate some of these rounds. While telephone interviews have been a norm, companies are conducting group discussions on concalls to review their communication skills and etiquettes. In addition to reducing travel costs, they help firms assess potential candidates.

Unnati is a recruitment services firm that uses grptalk to schedule interview calls between its clients and the selected interviewees. The recruiter runs concurrent calls from more than 13 sub-accounts. grptalk allows it to download call recordings to further assess the candidates.

  1. Q&A Sessions

One of the effective ways of conducting discussions is through Q&A sessions that allow participants to voice out their concerns. Enterprises have realized a productive method of doing them through audio conferencing.

Emami is one of the largest conglomerates based out of India with operations in over 60 countries. Its Area Sales Managers connect with the ground-level team on mute-dial mode to discuss daily operations. The employees utilize the “handraise” feature to pitch an idea and/or, raise doubts, which the Managers discuss.

Can audio conferencing help ease a few processes in your company? If you think yes, then let us know in the comments. In case you are looking for an affordable conference calling plan, contact Vasu on +91-703-220-6149