5 Things You Should Never Say on a Conference Call

Over the years, advances in technology have transformed humans into more superior and smarter beings. There is an abundance of solutions that allow us to send and receive text messages, voice calls, and documents, ensuring effective channels of idea exchange, both professionally and personally.

conference calling tips
5 things you should never say on a conference call

One such solution is call conferencing. While audio conferencing systems have evolved and become more sophisticated, directly leading to better communication, sadly audio conferencing etiquette has remained somewhat wanting, and almost in a state of willful ignorance, with participants often overlooking basic courtesy. On that note, here are 5 annoying things people say on conference calls.

“Sorry, I’m late!”

You have meticulously made all the necessary arrangements to invite, plan, and schedule the conference call. Everything seems okay after receiving the respective RSVPs; you’re all set to go, right? Not exactly. Someone will inevitably dial in 10 mins late, disrupting the meeting and forcing you to start all over again.

“What’s the agenda for this conference call?”

Asking the wrong questions is awkward and might get you into trouble. The point is not to make the host feel incompetent. Do your due diligence and revert to your calendar invite to learn about the conference agenda. Sometimes people fail to comprehend the purpose of the meet, which is normal. However, if you have any questions, just ask the host before the call, so that it doesn’t seem unprofessional.

“Who just joined?”

It’s 2018. The age of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and flying drones. So, why should you fly blindly? All you have to do is use a mobile app, desktop, or a laptop to get the instant talker notification.

“Can you repeat yourself?”

In a business setting, you have to choose your words wisely. If you ask a generic question, it will mean two things — (1) you aren’t listening, and (2) it might seem that the explanation isn’t clear. Both scenarios are unacceptable. To avoid these situations, you can be more specific about your queries.

“I can’t hear you because of the background noise”

Often, participants take calls from outside the office space. Background noise can hinder the flow of the conference, and detract from the agenda of the call. Moreover, background noise has also been known to impact participant health negatively.

Like G.I. Joe says after every episode – “Knowing Is Half The Battle”. So now that you know what you shouldn’t say on a conference call, you’re all set to be a model participant. To know more about audio conferencing best practices and tips for a spontaneous meeting, check out grptalk.

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