10 Unwanted Things People Do On Conference Calls

While waiting for every participant to join a conference call on time can be frustrating, getting participants to pay attention to the audio conference can is often the bigger challenge. 

According to a study by InterCall, conference participants do all sorts of random stuff while they are on a call, things that they shouldn’t be doing, and things that they wouldn’t want to admit to!

On that note, here we look at 10 unwanted things people do while they are on a call conference.

1.   Doing other work

65% do other work on conference calls

While multitasking is an in-demand skill in today’s world, getting distracted by other work on a conference call can lead to embarrassing questions, and frustrate the host and your fellow participants. Nearly 2/3rd of all people perform other tasks while they attend a conference call.

2.   Sending Emails

63% send emails while on a conference call

Sometimes, you need to send an email to the conference host or another participant. But, you know that’s not usually the case. And, if you can’t type without looking at the keyboard, you might want to wait until the end of the call.

3.   Eating or Making Food

55% eat or make food on conference calls

One out of every two people either cook or eat food while they are on an audio conference. While it’s entirely understandable, given the fast life we live, but it’s very disrespectful towards the host and your fellow participants.

4.   Going to the Restroom

47% go to the restroom on conference calls

This is probably the nastiest thing a conference participant can do. 47% people admitted to using the restroom while on a conference call. Here’s hoping all these people didn’t forget to mute the call.

5.   Texting

44% send texts on conference calls

This is pretty normal, right? In today’s world, many of us have found ways to send texts during meetings covertly. While you’re probably being extra sneaky about sending texts, it remains incredibly disrespectful to the host and fellow participants.

6.   Check Social Media

43% check social media on conference calls

Social media is everywhere. There aren’t many of us who don’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Did you know that 4 out of 10 audio conference participants admitted to checking social media while on a call?

7.    Sleeping

27% sleep on conference calls

Did you know that around 3 out of 10 people sleep while on a conference call? This is easily the second most disrespectful thing to do; the no.1 spot is reserved for the next entry. Imagine trying to complete an important presentation, and your editor is sleeping on the call.

8.   Playing Video Games

25% play video games on conference calls

This is easily the worst thing to do while you’re on a conference call. And, 1 out of every 4 people admits to playing games during an audio conference. Imagine trying to get someone to pay attention to what you’re saying while they play “Angry Birds” or set off on a “Temple Run.”

9.   Shop Online

21% shop online on conference calls

Shopping online is a trend that that has permeated every facet of our society today. And, it affects the way we work too with 21% conference call participants having admitted to shopping online during an audio conference.

10. Take Other Calls

6% take other calls on conference calls

Rounding off our list, we would like to give a huge shout out to all those people who can handle two calls at once. While they may not be able to tell you what was the agenda of either call, 6% participants usually take other calls while they’re on a conference.

So, there you have it. 10 things people do on a conference call. Tell us what you do during conference calls. Leave a comment below.

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